Monday, April 4, 2011

Why Hindi Film Song Lyrics Are Popular Across the World ???

It is a well deserved statement that "there is at least one Hindi film song for every season and every reason." And the secret behind the statement is the fact that most Hindi film songs have lyrics, which people can easily relate to and identify with.
The popularity of Hindi film songs has only soared up worldwide, ever since the Hindi film industry came into being. In fact, I would like to state that the evergreen romance between individuals and Hindi song lyrics just gets better and better with time. You may find it a bit humorous, if I say that Hindi film songs are like legacies that gets passed on from one generation to another. I have at least five songs that I know my father enjoys listening to even today. Whenever we meet, we play those songs and enjoy them together. However, the songs really do not belong to the era of films that I grew up watching. These films released much before I was born but the appeal and popularity of these songs are just as good even today!

What appeals to me about these songs? The lyrics of course! Because the kind of music these songs have are of another generation. So it may not be easy to relate to the sound, technology or even the vibration of the music, but the lyrics of the songs weave a story well told. And you can easily hear and enjoy each time the songs play. Music is a strong reflection of any generation. Even if all the songs may not appeal to everyone from a particular generation but lyrics go on to become ever lasting. I think lyrics of a song remains the core emotion of a heart, musicians may disagree with it though. And Hindi film songs are soulful because of their lyrics. We do often feel while listening to or reading the lyrics, that it exactly talks about what our hearts have to say but said in a beautiful poetry. And its exciting to see how talented musicians convert even a common feeling into chart-busting songs! I have a song for every season, for every person in my life and for almost every emotion that I feel. Why? Simple, because the lyrics of the songs echo my feelings and emotions just the way I feel.

The world is becoming smaller with each passing day and with technology, it seems like a parallel world out there, yes, I mean, the virtual world where nothing is at a distance. Almost everything is a click away! In a world like this, if one wants to listen to a song it's just a click away and the lyrics of the songs available online are like the icing of the cake! Gone are the days when one had to struggle to find the lyrics of the favorite songs.

Every teenager has a Hindi film song that he/she identifies with while bearing the roller coaster journey of the teenage. Students in campus world over still drool over "yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai, ye na ho to phir kya bolo ye zindagi hai". I remember meeting some tourists from Europe during one of my trip when they mentioned that they love the Hindi film songs and more because of the words in the song! I was surprised to hear this and asked them if they understood Hindi. They replied with a smile that they search the lyrics translation online! They mentioned something which is still today permanently stamped on my mind. They said, "Hindi film songs blend the words and music like no other music does. The melody attracts us to the song and then we look for the lyrics to understand the song and enjoy it more. The lyrics so amazingly reflect human emotions. Wow, I love Hindi film song lyrics, don't you?"

In India and for Indians across across the world, I guess no birthday celebration is complete without the Hindi song "hum bhi agar bachche hote, naam hamara hota dubloo bubloo, khane ko milte laddoo aur duniya kehti Happy Birthday to you." (If we were children too, and we had lovely names like dubloo or bubloo, we would get sweets to eat and the world would wish us Happy birthday).

Ask any love birds, they will always have one Hindi film song that best describes their association and their love affair. Why? For the lyrics again! The eternal love song, "Aapki nazron ne samjha pyar ke kabil mujhe" is still in every lover's heart! The generation today most definitely have much more choices of music to listen to but if you secretly ask them, they will mention at least one Hindi film song that is closest to their heart..

Whether it is a wedding, engagement or any other occasion where there is a group of people, the celebrations are never complete without the Hindi films songs playing in the background. Often people scream, "hey, that's my song, my song!!" Need I explain yet again why? Thanks to the mass appeal of the lyrics of Hindi film songs, they will always remain dear to us. Whatever music we may hear during the day, we definitely come back to the Hindi film songs that keeps us connected to ourselves. Long lives the lyricist who wrote "chalte chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhna, kabhi alvida na kehna".


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