Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Order to Teeth White Permanent

In general, people are not too confident to or when to smile. There are many reasons for that. One of them is yellow or stained teeth.
It is undeniable that white teeth are clean and beautify a smile. In fact, maybe improve it. "A smile that sweet tooth supported by a healthy and strong. brilliant white color and a refreshing smell of the mouth," said Heru Riza Dr. of Dental Image Raya HB 19 Cassowary Street No. 11 Sector 9, Bintaro Jaya.The problem not everyone has white teeth and brilliant like that. Also not everyone knows how to make teeth white. In fact, the way he can be very simple and easy. "Eating foods that contain lots of calcium, fruits, fiber and contain vitamin C, and drink lots of water," continued Dr. Riza.

Tips to whiter teeth:
1. Easy and simple way is to brush my teeth three times a day and after each meal. But be careful in brushing teeth. Do not be too hard because it can actually make the tooth abrasion and damage. Better to use an electric toothbrush and set a time to brush your teeth for two minutes.

2. Strawberry is a fruit that is very special tooth whitening. Mash strawberries and paste the entire tooth. Let stand for 1-2 minutes. After that, Brush teeth thoroughly.

3. Use toothpaste that acts as a bleach. But of course it took quite a long and very intensive treatment to get maximum results.

4. Use a straw if you drink coffee, tea, soft drinks, and red. Thus, do not drink directly on the teeth. Such drinks are usually made ​​tooth decay.

5. The easiest and quickest, but requires greater cost, is a bleaching or whitening. Such treatment results can last for 2-3 up to three years. But still, after bleaching, you should avoid foods and drinks that can make your teeth yellow again.

6. A number of substances can be attached to the teeth with ease. Therefore, you must prevent the formation of dental stains or plaque. Use broccoli, lettuce, or spinach to prevent it. Vegetables that proved very effective to prevent tooth stain.

7. Expand to eat foods that act as a natural tooth whitener. For example, fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and celery.

This few tips from me, good luck.

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