Monday, May 16, 2011

woooow ! ! ! Almost Arctic Ozone Hole

Ozone continues to thin, almost hollow in the Arctic. Decrease in stratospheric temperatures that cause.The cause of ozone hole formation there are three, according to Professor Ross Salawitch, a chemist and biochemist from the University of Maryland, who studied the chemical content in the atmosphere. All three are sunlight, halogen, and low temperatures.When temperatures drop exceeds the threshold, the clouds formed in the stratosphere. Halogen, in particular pollutants, such as chlorine and bromine, turned into a chemical compound that reacts quickly in the ozone . "Everything changed drastically," says Salawitch.

This year the polar wind system known as the "polar vortex" very calm and stable. It plays a role in lowering the temperature in the Arctic region. This drastic decline, if it occurred at the South Pole, could certainly form the ozone hole because ozone layer is thinner there than in the Arctic.Currently, the vortex wind had vanished and the air outside a warmer Arctic could go in and fix the ozone layer.If the ozone hole, the more ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth that can trigger skin diseases. With the ozone layer is getting thin-skinned people will be more sensitive to sunburn easily.

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