Sunday, October 9, 2011

Use a Break System in Class to Keep Your Pupils Focused on theLesson

When teaching young people in the classroom, we have seen a wide number of changes in recent years that have helped to improve the teaching standards in the classrooms all around the UK. This has been through a number of different areas such as the technological field and also in the direct teaching methods with different attitudes to the way in which they will often teach different groups of pupils. A teacher needs to ensure they know their audience like any good comedian would and ensure that they give the right mix of the right teaching styles to ensure they get the right results for the pupils that they are teaching on a daily basis.

Teaching in the right style is very important when it comes to lesson with young people, as keeping them engaged is vitally important for the success of your class. You can often find that one of the most popular killers of concentration within a classroom is boredom. If you are expanding on a point for far too long and you are sticking to the same teaching methods again and again, you will find that your students fast become bored and will lose concentration. There are a number of ways you can tackle the problem of your pupils becoming bored in your lessons. One of which would be a modern method of allowing your pupils a two minute break to stretch their legs or stand up and have a chat with people. You may assume this is counterproductive by breaking up the flow of the lesson, though you can often find that it helps to get the lesson back on track as the pupils come back into the lesson more refreshed than before the break.

When it comes to helping cut out boredom in the classroom, you can also find that you can break up sections of the lessons by using little pieces of technology, one example of this would be student response systems. This kind of system can be particularly useful to help break up a listen with a quick quiz for pupils. A break with a quiz like this can help you gauge how well your students are taking in the information you are conveying to them, and with a student response system you can guarantee instant results so you don't need to spend any extra time evaluating results. This is a great way to beat boredom and get your pupils engaged with the lesson by using a breaker in the lesson.

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