Friday, November 18, 2011

Are You Ready For A Baby

With the advent of modern-day birth control, people are better able to control when they start a family. Not only is bringing a child into the world a heavy responsibility, the pregnancy itself can be quite cumbersome.

Here are some things to think about:
 1. Are you financially ready to have a baby? Raising a child can be very expensive. While finances shouldn't deter your from starting a family if you really want one, be prepared for a higher strain on your finances. You'll be spending less time in the mall for yourself and more time in the baby aisles of the supermarket.
2. Are you emotionally ready to have a baby? It is much easier to raise a child with a loving partner. Having a baby often puts a strain on the marriage, since the raising of a child can be quite stressful.
3. Is your biological clock ticking? While the above two questions might make you want to put off having a baby, remember that you only have so much time to have a child. It is much easier for a woman to have a healthy baby in her 20' and 30's than if she attempts to do so in her 40's. While modern medicine can cure a lot of diseases, it still cannot turn back the biological clock.

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