Friday, November 11, 2011

Cooking Recipe for Grilled Portuguese Sardines

en.wikipedia.orgThere are numerous mouthwatering dishes that can be prepared through the help of Sardines. What are these items? These are small, little oily fishes that are infinite in numbers. They were mostly found at the Mediterranean regions, but with the advent of time their popularity spread towards other parts of the world. They started to become available in other parts also, apart from being the hot sellingproperty of the Mediterranean. How about preparing grilled Portuguese sardines? Umm, this seems quite a delicacy, isn’t it! Wait let me share with you the cooking recipe.

The ingredients that you would need to prepare this item are listed below: Sardines – 16-20 in nos. Olive Oil Sea Salt Take out the sardines and the rinse them thoroughly. After that, you need to remove the scales thoroughly in such a manner that the flesh does not get affected by any bit. After that, take a pinch of sea salt, and start to sprinkle over these fishes in an even manner. After you are done with it, let the item be like this for an hour and half. This is a type of salt marinating procedure that is necessary to make the items appropriate during the cooking procedure.

Now, it’s time to heat up your broiler, barbecue, or the griller. Heat it up for a certain period of time to make it heated up in the nicest way. Take the fishes and rinse them little with water. Then, dry them with smooth paper towels. Brush up the fishes with a tiny amount of olive oil. Finally, place them over the griller and start grilling them for that amount of time till they get cooked and the color becomes a reddish one. As the grilling gets done, serve it immediately while splashing some olive oil and salt over the top. KATA

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