Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fighting Between Mosquito and the Lion

flickr.comA mosquito saw a lion, thinking: this lion is fat and obese fat, so its blood
must be good to drink! As a result, the mosquito flew to the lion and said: “Brother Lion, let's have a race. Anyone who can run 100 laps around this tree will be the winner and can also eat the other person, okay?”.The lion thought: the mosquito is so small. It will take a long time for it to fly a lap, but I just need a few steps to finish one lap. It is so thin that it must have little strength and it cannot run many flaps. The mosquito is simply not my opponent. Even if I am defeated, it can eat me? A really stupid mosquito! Therefore, the lion said to the mosquito with a smile: “Well! It’s a deal. If you lose, I will not eat you. You just need to ask your brothers and sisters not to bother when I am sleeping!” “Well, no problem!” the mosquito promised immediately.

The race began. The mosquito was in front while the lion was behind it. The lion was running around the tree, while the mosquito flying around the tree. The mosquito stopped in the bark after flying two laps and looked at the lion running. It laughed: “You run! I will see how long you can run.” The lion was simply running around the tree, only wanting to defeat the mosquito. However, the mosquito had stopped flying for a long time.

After running 20 laps, the lion felt a little dizzy in its head. After 30 laps, it was rickety, not knowing the four corners of the world. After 40 laps, it was so tired that it fell off. The mosquito laughed and flew to the lion, sucking the blood of it at a gulp.Facing the strong lion, the weak mosquito defeated the lion with its cleverness. In fact, if the lion had not put the mosquito in the opponent's position and had not fought, the lion would not fail. For some of the weak persons, when you do not treat them as a rival, it is not your opponent; once you treat it as a rival, but you will lose.

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