Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Choosing A Perfect Christmas Trees trees are a wonderful tradition among Christians and non-Christians as well, but there are so many choices available. There are real ones, artificial ones, table top ones, red ones, pink ones, and much more. Although all trees are wonderful, how do you pick one that is perfect for you and the space it will be in? Here are 5 steps to picking a great tree.

1) Money is certainly a factor. An 8 foot live tree in New York City or Miami will most likely cost you much more than $100, maybe much more. You'll need to set a budget. Keep in mind that a live tree, unless perhaps potted, will only last one year, where an artificial tree will last many years. You can spend more on an artificial tree as it will last several years. If it is a high quality one, it may outlive you, where a cheapie is not going to last nearly as long.

2) Decide on whether you want a live or artificial tree. Live ones are pretty much farmed using economically sound principles these days so that is not an issue. Live trees do require more care, shed needles, can be fire hazards, and need to be somehow disposed of afterwards. With an artificial tree, although they do not have that wonderful natural smell, you have less fuss and mess. You also have an enormous range of options available in styles and colors, ranging from natural looking to very unnatural looking but funky, for example an upside down purple tree.

3) Size is a big issue. Measure your space and remember that trees always look bigger inside. You may have space for big one, but that doesn't mean you want the biggest tree that will fit there. If you have a small space, you may want to consider a so called "table top" tree, usually one which is 5 feet tall or less, often even less than 3 feet.

4) If you decide on an artificial tree, after size, the most important decision is whether you want a natural looking tree or a funky looking but unnatural looking one, for example a pink tree with purple lights.

5) The fifth step is really the first - start early. If you start looking a few days before Christmas, your choices are going to be limited compared to if you start at Thanksgiving. Also keep in mind that when looking for artificial trees, sometimes you can get great deals after the holidays!

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