Saturday, November 12, 2011

Three Kinds of Water Treatment Equipments and Their Characteristics treatment equipment is a kind of water purification equipment by filtering. It removes some materials in water that are not required for production and life through a variety of physical and chemical means.Currently on the market water treatment equipments been knowledge by the public generally includes water softeners, water machine and water purifier three types.

1. Principle and function of softener: according to the principle of ion exchange, that is, exchange Mg2 + Ca2 + with Na +, in order to decrease the water hardness to 70 mg / liter and then turned into soft water, the main function of this water treatment equipment is to eliminate the water bases and scale.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of softeners:
Advantages: the effect of removing water base and scale is good, and because of large flow, it basically does not reduce water pressure. The water generated through softener is with strong cleaning ability, better effects of laundry, shower and skin care, and also can reduce energy consumption. At the same time it saves detergent, and lower intensity of housework. Water softeners generate is the most suitable as domestic water.

Disadvantages: softener can't get rid of bacteria, viruses, organic matter, and can't be drunk directly; it consumes salt if regenerating, and produces a certain amount of wastewater.
Water treatment equipment --- water machine:

1. Principle and function of water machine: it uses filter element of PP cotton, activated carbon and RO membrane, five or more filters, in which the most core is the RO membrane, which is currently the most accurate filter. Water it generates is pure water, can be drink directly.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of water machine:
Advantages: water machine has high filtering accuracy, and is suitable for a variety of water, purified water is pure water with good taste, and does not contain any impurities.

Disadvantages: water machine makes less water per day, only enough for drinking and cooking; span of the first three filter is short, filters need be regularly replaced; it is not suitable used as drinking water for long time, especially for children and the elderly it is inappropriate to drink pure water for long time.

Water treatment equipment ---purifier:
Ultra filtration machine is the mainstream product of the water treatment equipment, with high accuracy and good purification effect. It has a filter with long life, which can be cleaned automatically.

1. Principle and function of purifier: it uses the separation technology of 0.01 micron membrane, and can effectively eliminate harmful substances in the water, such as sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, viruses, large molecules organic and so on.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of purifier:
Advantages: purifier filters water with high accuracy; filtering water is close to the mineral water which can be drunk directly; it has large flow; span of filter is long; filter has the function of self-cleaning; it needs no electricity and does not waste water.

Disadvantages: purifier has the poor effect of eliminating the water scale and water base, and is suitable for areas with medium-hardness or lower; single ultra filtration machine can not completely remove the water scale, and taste of water quality is poor; it is too much trouble replace the filter, and can not completely remove the heavy metals in water.

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