Friday, November 4, 2011

Tips for Hog Hunting

The idea of hunting pigs is captivating for both experienced and amateur hunter and a novice hunter. Boar hunting is gaining a lot of popularity in today’s world. It is quite different from other types of hunting. A simple reason is that you need to wait for your prey for a long time in other types of hunting. Whereas, in this sport you can face the animal head on that is quite exciting. Different people have different reasons for hunting this creature. While some hunt to get their meat, other does it to enjoy the sport.

Those who hunt for the meat ought to temember that pig meat rot very easily. Thus, one needs to harvest and freeze it as soon as possible. If you hunt many pigs for meat then you need to follow the required procedure to preserve the meat for longer time. The only yet dangerous problem that you might face while hog hunting is to catch swine flu since most of pigs is diseased. Hence, you need to be careful while choosing your prey. Do not hunt the pig if it has trouble while breathing, seems disoriented and slow in its approach.

People who like to make collection of trophies also do boar hunting. They keep them as their prized tusks and use for taxidermy animals as well. People who hunt just for this purpose would decide on their prey based on a number of factors. They would hunt the pig which has proper ears, hooves, shape, face, coat, etc. The hunter would wait for a long time to get a pig that has got the perfect looks. Once he finds the best pig in the herd, he would target the same and hunt it accordingly. Give due importance to intelligence, health and age of the pig as well.

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