Sunday, November 27, 2011

Types of Camera Batteries for Your Digital Camera

If you thought those clichéd AA alkaline camera batteries that used to support the cameras of your grandfather, can do the herculean task of providing image stabilization, flash and power for your digital camera LCD, you need to enlighten yourself on the high-power that digital camera batteries require. The digital camera, if run on the regular AA alkaline battery would get exhausted within no time. Therefore, in order to suffice for the high-drain system of the new age digital cameras, high-power batteries have been invented. Depending on the life span, they can be divided into three major heads, namely Short Term Disposable, Long-term Single Use and Rechargeable.

Sample of CASIO NP-20 Digital Camera Batteries

Short Term Disposable Batteries Alkaline batteries are the short term disposable ones which you are more or less powerful, but last for very short period of time. Hence, they are not a befitting digital camera battery and can be used only in emergencies when you need to take a few shots and when any other high-power camera batteries are not available. In fact, a regular alkaline camera battery has the power of only 2.4 Ah or amp hours whereas the power requirement for a digital camera is at least 2000 mAh. Long Term Single Use Batteries Lithium batteries though are disposable, however are more powerful and possess a greater life span than their alkaline counterparts.

The other type of Long Term Single Use camera batteries are the coin cells that come in varied voltages and sizes depending on the camera battery requirement. Rechargeable Batteries These are the best investment when it comes to buying batteries for your digital camera. They can be of three types, namely, Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion. Nickel Cadmium camera batteries, although rechargeable have certain restrictions on usage which makes the other two Nigh and Lion the most coveted digital camera battery types.

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