Monday, May 16, 2011

Causes and How To Overcome "Bad Breath"

Each person must have experienced moments of bad breath disrupt their daily activities. Whether he was staying out late, hurried to the office, so forgotten toothbrushes, or indeed have a situation where bad breath often arise because of the circumstances around the mouth. Infections of the teeth, malignancies of the mouth, abscesses in the area around the mouth, the consumption of foods that many oils and fats,
and interference with the body's metabolic system can lead to odor mouth.In Indonesia, we know the term breath odor or bad breath.While in medical language, better known as halitosis. This situation can happen to everyone every time. These disorders are often overlooked by many people. Whereas halitosis is severe enough to interfere with social life, personal, and professional person. Because, first impressions are generated on the people around will affect the assessment of one's self to the end. The condition can worsen when people with bad breath or halitosis is less or not at all aware of her having bad breath. Usually people just realize it when a colleague, friend, or family to tell him. This can give a severe effect on a person. As the decline of confidence, often checked his mouth odor, anxiety and tended to convince him that his breath does not smell even though the problem was gone

In general can be prevented and avoided. But in some patients with severe bad breath, until now researchers and dentists have to know the direct cause of this problem of bad breath.Often the weight of bad breath caused by more than one thing and often complex causes. Brushing teeth twice a day is a thing that should always be done.Here are some things that can cause bad breath can be avoided :
1. Eating foods that contain lots of oils, fats, MSG, and excessive seasonings
2. Drinks contain alcohol or smoking habits can cause temporary bad breath.
3. Habits lack of exercise, severe stress, and dehydration.
4. Lack of hygiene to keep teeth and gums.
5. habit of brushing teeth to bleed.

These diseases around the teeth. Some tips for preventing bad breath is to brush your teeth regularly, use dental floss to clean the areas a toothbrush can not reach, use a mouthwash if necessary, clean the tongue, and to make preparations necessary circumstances always spray the mouth or chewing mouth fresheners in your bag. Avoid foods that can cause bad breath such as onions, banana, and sweet foods. If a few steps above can not also solve your gum problems, discuss with your doctor or your dentist for better results.

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