Monday, May 16, 2011

Create Occupancy That Not Stuffy

NOT the physical size of the house alone that can make your dwelling becomes stale. There are other things that would trigger the emergence of fug, is less maximal element functions at home.Aperture for example. For owners of small houses, so residents need no tricks in it still can feel the freedom and spaciousness on the one hand, and not feel cramped and stuffy house. You can look for cracks or openings in the house who can get more sunlight.At least, with a lot of openings in the day, you do not need that much light. In addition, the more light that flows through a space so that space does not look stuffy as building land is narrow.

"Consider installing a skylight, especially for bathrooms and kitchen area. Skylight can give strength to present a broad dimensions and light in a room, "says architect Wisnu Brata.
If you are unable to create openings for wall contact with the wall of a neighbor's house, then most likely you do is create openings at the top, the hole in the roof void. This is a trick to create air flow and light to keep it smooth entry into the house.According to architect Briyan Talaosa, voids are usually deliberately created for the interior of the building for various reasons. One of them gives the impression of vast space. That way, the use of void fairly precise so as to create space that is not stuffy. That's because air and light can still rely on flowing even though the roof openings. So even with the use of curtains for openings.

According to Vishnu, the lighter curtain openings will help to maximize the light that comes into the room. For that, replace the curtains that have a heavy cloth hanger with a material that is lighter and can bring the light that flows between the two rooms.Apart from opening, things that can make not stuffy room is spacious impression created in the space. That is, a good spatial planning, in this case the accessory wall so that it can provide a wider effect. According to Vishnu, the mirror is the most advanced weapons to expand the space. Not only through the illusion created, the mirror can also help produce a brighter light.
Before there was electricity, mirrors and glass is placed behind a lot more light to help illuminate the room. Foyer and dining room is a favorite place to put the mirror. Here guests can look in the mirror for a while before enjoying a meal you serve. Something similar is said architects from Studio 3 +, Briyan Talaosa.

According to him, laying a mirror that fits in the side walls usually remaining distance to the furniture. Because if left attached to the furniture section, far-reaching effects that we want to take away from the mirror will be very visible fake because the shadow of its twin will be felt. Artwork and paintings too.
Both trinkets walls are very useful in creating dimensional space and produce the effect we want to create. Select a painting that can help strengthen the impression we want to create space.
Suppose the family room are paintings of people who were having a conversation or a photo with family members. So, the key here is to use minimal accessories, but still get the desired effect in the room.

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