Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Known Powerful Google Products

Everyone knows about Gmail and Google Maps. And most people know about Google Earth, Google Calendar, and Google Reader. But there are many other tools that have been created by the mega-company. Here are some of the little known—but powerful and useful—products by Google:

Google Webmaster Tools
Do you own and maintain a website? If so, you will like using this free product from Google. It provides you with detailed reports about your web pages’ visibility on Google search results. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to diagnose problems in your site and to see the traffic to your website links.

Google Analytics
This tool is also for webmasters. It provides insight into traffic and marketing effectiveness, allowing site owners to understand how to plan better SEO initiatives. Google Analytics has customized reporting and easy-to-use features.

Google Bookmarking
Save your bookmarks online and access them anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can also share lists of bookmarks with friends and organize your saved content.

Google Alerts
Is there a particular topic you wish to monitor? Google Alerts can help. You can choose to receive email updates of relevant Google web or news results as often as you like. Choose to be alerted on your favorite celebrity, sports team, or developing news story.

Google Keyword Tool
Here’s a tool that is great for those interested in SEO. You can enter a keyword or phrase and the tool shows you related searches for that word or phrase. You can also see how often that keyword or phrased is searched for and the countries in which the keyword or phrase is common.

Google News
This news aggregator shows you top stories from around the United States and around the world. You can personalize the interface to your liking so as to show the types of news you are more interested in reading.

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