Sunday, November 6, 2011

Solar Powered Golf Carts

Some Golf carts are now powered by PV (photovoltaic) or thin film solar panels that are placed on top of the golf cart's roof. The golf cart is charged by a controller that converts solar energy. Using this method increases the golf cart's driving distance and it even extends the life of the batteries. Solar power also takes the golf cart off the electric grid.Most solar powered golf carts are used by people who drive long distances such as maintenance workers in the golf course, zoo keepers and it is also used as transportation vehicle on resorts. Solar golf carts are suitable for environmentally-conscious people. It is easy to convert golf carts into solar powered. There are several kits that can be bought online or at stores near you.

By having solar powered golf cart, you will have lower electricity bills, the batteries constantly recharge in the sun extending the battery life up to 30%. It also increases driving distance by 5-12 miles a day on average. It is 100% eco-friendly. No carbons are emitted when driving on solar power. It is virtually easy to install and no maintenance needed. Most solar kits are made from mono-crystalline solar panels and compression tested glass. The solar panels are flexible and durable. It is simply attached to the top of the golf cart by sticking it.

Before you buy solar panels, you should take time comparing products online or even at local stores. You should be looking for watt hours or Amps produced by the solar panel. Some crystalline, mono or combo type panels only work properly when facing south and tilted 45 degrees facing the sun because they only work on peak sunlight. You should use your common sense when choosing which solar panel to buy. Scientists have proved that crystalline, mono and combo panels lose 50% of their efficiency in high temperature areas. It will take its toll on their claims of high watts when used in a tropical climate. You will not have any watt hours in a rainy weather. Also these types of panels can crack easily in low temperatures and very high temperatures. You will end up just throwing them away and it will be a waste of money.

When buying a solar panel for your golf cart, make sure that you buy it from a top notch company that is concerned with performance and longevity of their product. Of course when u buys something, you want to make the most out of your money and every consumer deserves to have the best product they can get in the market. Choose and compare several products and look for a solar powered golf cart or solar panel kit that will provide sustainable solar energy for years. There are peel and stick solar panels in the market that would work even in cloudy days. Some can even be transferred from one cart to another as you replace your carts. There are several companies that you can look up online and you will surely find one that will provide a viable, affordable solar powered golf carts.

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