Saturday, November 19, 2011

Asian Music : Yoona "SNSD" Become Primadona Campus Era 70's

EXCEPT busy promo album The Boys with SNSD, Yoona also currently filming a new series titled Love Rain.

As reported previously, in a series that will appear in 2012's, Yoona compete acting with Jang Geun Suk.

Site allkpop, Thursday (17/11) wrote recently in Daegu Yoona looks for taking pictures Love Rain. At the site, seen Yoona transformed into a student in the era of the '70s.

Wearing a white blouse, blue blazer and skirt subordinates, You Are My Destiny actress looked beautiful and innocent. Straight long and curly hair makes it look feminine. Perfect as a figure of the belle campus.

Yoona plays two characters in the series: Kim Yoon Hee from the era of the '70s and Yuri, the son of Kim Yoon Hee in the present.

"Enchantment of the fresh young Yoona strengthen the appeal of this tale of love," said director Yoon Sukho. Yoon Sukho again in collaboration with writer Oh Suyeon. Ten years ago, the two collaborated in Endless Love Winter Sonata and successful in many countries.

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