Saturday, November 19, 2011

Asian Music : Yoona SNSD's Transformed Become College Students in the series 'Love Rain'

Yoona will act as an innocent girl in 1970 who love with Jang GeunSuk

Members of Girls' Generation, Yoona, will again present on the screen through the latest Korean series, "Love Rain". Yoona characters in the series have not changed much. Yoona still going to be a figure of good-hearted innocent girl nan he always played. But this time he'll transform into a college student in the 70's.

The studio has recently published a series of pictures of Yoona on the set. In the photo looks Yoona turned into a regular student complete with books and food provisions on hand.

But the actual figure of innocent Yoona is only one of two characters who will play in the series. Later, he will also play a role as Yuri, a cheerful girl who is told in the future as his daughter.

In the series he will be paired with Jang Geun-suk, known for his role as Hwang Kyung Tae in the series "You're Beautiful" (2009). Geun-suk also got two roles in the series that is as Seo In-ha in youth and the son of Seo In-ha (Seo Joon).

"Love Rain" itself tells the story of love in two different decades. The first is the two students of the 70s, Kim Yoon Hee and Seo In-ha. However, due to various obstacles, their love could not be reconciled.

Unexpectedly, the second child in the future they also met and fell in love. A cheerful girl, Yuri, love with a professional photographer, Seo Joon. The love story they had to encounter many obstacles, including from their parents.

Currently "Love Rain" is still in the stage production. The series is directed director Yoon Seok-Ho's script was written by Oh Su yen has ever collaborated worked on "Winter Sonata" (2002). The plan, which will be made in a series of 20 episodes was released in 2012.

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